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All about us... We began producing video in 1995. In 2003, we filmed our first wedding for a friend. After that we were hooked. Fast forward present day, we stay on the cutting edge of event production. We are constantly coming up with great products that makes us as unique as our clients. We love what we do, it is that simple. Photography and cinematography are our passion and you are number one to us.

We have never cancelled, been late to, or failed to deliver on a wedding or other project.

Some companies treat you like a number . They will pump out as many projects as they can. This is what produces generic work. We believe in the artistry of what we do, so if that means taking extra time to get it right, that's what we do. Everything you see on this web site and in our work is ours. We don't use products from others to enhance our services. We are genuine as they come.


Steven Davis



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