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Wedding vendor questions

Interviewing your wedding vendors can take a lot of time.  Videographers, photographers, wedding planners, DJs, florists, cake bakers, venues.....whew.  That can get tiring.

Over the years we've been asked plenty of questions so we're listing some to help you in your journey.  And while it can feel weird to interview folks, it's important to know some things about the people who will take care of your wedding.  Most of these wedding vendor questions can be used for most wedding vendor types.

1)  How long have you been in business?   There's nothing wrong with hiring someone new to weddings if they bring experience in a similar field.  So someone who DJ's other types of dances and events may do just fine for a wedding.  It's similar experience.

2) What happens if the vendor gets sick?  You want to hear a back up plan, maybe they have other employees that can fill in.  Keep in mind, life happens, and people do get sick, but you want to hear that they'll take care of you either way. 

3) Have you ever cancelled, failed to deliver, or been late?  Again life happens, but the circumstances surrounding this question is important to understand.   There's a difference in being late because of a flat tire vs. going golfing. :}

4) What is the most important thing to a vendor about weddings?  You want to hear an answer similar to 'taking care of the bride and groom's wedding.' You hire a professional because they know what they are doing.   A note about friends;  Sometimes it can work to hire friends, however the challenge is the friend may have a different focus than a professional who's bottom line depends on fulfilling a contract.

5) Do you have insurance?  It's very important to hire someone who has insurance.  This is the part of being a professional.  

6) Do you have an agreement?   Agreements are important between wedding couples and vendors because it spells out what is expected.  This keeps confusing to a minimum. 

These are just some of the technical questions that are worth asking.  Over the years, our client relationships remain very important to us.  And while there is no question you can really ask about having a good relationship with a vendor; finding a vendor who is passionate and has your wedding as top priority is super important.  Your wedding is so worth it. 

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